General Rental Terms and Conditions

Our client must pay the rental charge in advance. The renter confirms having received rental equipment that is in perfect condition. If the equipment rented is returned after 10 am, a whole day’s rent will be due. The minimum rental period is one day. One change of the rental equipment is included in the price, further changes are subject to an extra charge.

The rental company will cover normal wear and tear of the equipment, however the renter is liable for all damages ensuing from careless use of the rental equipment (such as broken skis, large gouges, total base scratches and or broken edges etc).
The renter is liable for lost and stolen rental equipment. He/she may waive the liability of stolen equipment by paying an additional charge of 10% of the rental equipment. In the case of loss or theft a police report is required.
The renter accepts that even with individually adjusted bindings, not every risk of accident can be excluded. The bindings are carefully adjusted according to the renter’s specific needs.